Honeymoon Road Trip – week 3


This past week has flown by, and we have been having the most amazing time. Every day we feel so blessed to have this incredible opportunity to travel together and see this beautiful Country.

We took a couple of days to relax this week because we had been moving around so much we felt like we needed some quiet time to unwind. We found a beautiful cabin in Hyattville, Wyoming to rent and settled in there from Sunday until Wednesday. The couple who owns the property had a gorgeous husky/wolf mix dog named Shasha, she spent a lot of time with us in our cabin, and it was a special treat to have her with us. Here are some pictures. The view was incredible!


One of the best things about staying at the cabin was having a kitchen to cook our meals in. We found a cute store in town called “Bee Healthy” and bought these beautiful eggs. They were so yummy and pretty, too.

When we left the cabin, we were going to go to Yellowstone National Park but decided we should have our brakes checked on the van before we drove thru the Rocky Mountains. It’s a good thing we did because our brakes were in bad shape and need of some work. We drove to the nearest dealership in Billings, Montana and had the repairs done while we stayed at the Big Horn Resort a few blocks away. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions for driving, we did not cross the Rockies or go to Yellowstone, and we decided to travel back thru Wyoming to get to Colorado. We will go further South before heading back North West to Washington State. We only have a few pictures from Montana but seeing snow for the first time this year was magical!

Thursday was awesome because we saw three States in one day. We drove from Billings, Montana all the way thru Wyoming and into Ft Collins, Colorado.

Friday my wonderful husband gave into me and let us go to the Denver Annual Christmas Show. They had about 400 booths of handmade Christmas goodness, and I was in love. We got a little Christmas shopping done the first week of November. It’s a miracle!

After that, we drove to Estes Park and then to Rocky Mountain National Park. We saw about 100 Elk just wandering around. The calves would let us walk right next to them and take pictures. A few miles down the road there was a heard of Bull elk fighting. We sat there and watched them until the sun went down. It is an incredible thing to witness.

Saturday we went to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado for some trail hiking. The weather was perfect, and I wore shorts for the first time since leaving home. It was nice to get some sunshine and enjoy the gorgeous views from the trail. After that, we went to see the new Thor movie. Very funny and a nice date for the two of us.


Thank you for following along on our journey! Your love and support mean the world to us.

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8 responses to “Honeymoon Road Trip – week 3”

  1. Rhonda Stewart says:

    It’s looks so awesome. I’m so very happy you two are getting to enjoy the beautiful things and of course animals. 🙂

  2. Sherry says:

    Thank you fit sharing all the pictures. I’m so glad you ate having such a wonderful time. Be safe!

  3. Aerys Merrill says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your blogs about you and Christopher’s journey, from your engagement to Now. It’s really nice to see a couple who is following God and going against the worldly ideas of relationships. Thank you for that, it’s a breath of fresh air! Haha I don’t feel so alone in this walk with God and also being in a relationship myself. You two are proof that it is possible to live a life that pleases God and be so happy and in love with each other! So keep going, because it’s so great to be able to see. And thank you again for sharing your lives with us!

  4. Gail says:

    What wonderful memories you are creating.

  5. Trilby mcDaniel says:

    Love your pictures and comments. So happy you two love birds are have this amazing adventure. Love you both to pieces. Take care of each other.

  6. Julia says:

    You two have been in my thoughts and prayers. Safe travels my dear ones.
    I have enjoyed the pictures so much. They are simply beautiful!
    Be safe!
    Love and Blessings,
    Aunt Judy Mae

  7. Judy Hood says:

    My sweet baby girl, you and your mister are so open to embracing the world. How special you both are.
    You can light a path for our country: one to embrace our blessings, one to acknowledge, God’s generosity and artistry, and one to believe in true love.

    You live in my heart,

    Love, GG

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