Honeymoon road trip – week 8

Hello friends!

The end of this big adventure is coming close! Each day as I soak in the new landscapes, smells, and feelings of each new and beautiful place I feel so grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity at this particular point in our lives. I know the memories we are making now will last a lifetime and we can’t wait to share our stories with our kids and theirs!


Sunday was a long driving day- We had planned to go from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite N.P, but halfway there, we realized the park was closed for snow season, so we had to change our course and head straight for our Airbnb. We did find some really good Chinese food on the way, so that was a nice perk 🙂

Monday we went to Death Valley N.P. If you ever want to be entirely off the grid, this is the place for you! Death Valley has the lowest elevation point on dry land in North America so definitely no cell reception! It is such a peaceful place to drive thru and enjoy the mountain view. About halfway thru the park, a fox joined us and started trotting alongside the van. We slowed down so we could watch him and take pictures. Such a neat experience.


Tuesday brought us new adventures in Nevada! We went to the Hoover Dam first thing and it was so cool! My favorite part was the time change between Arizona time and Nevada time… Christopher probably got tired of me running from one time zone to another saying “Look, I’m time traveling!” Haha.

Later that evening we went to Vegas just long enough to see KA – It’s a production by Cirque du Soleil and it is phenomenal! Unlike any other show, I have ever seen for sure. We highly recommend!


Wednesday we visited the Mojave Desert and then checked into a retro camper for the night. So neat!


Thursday we woke up in our retro camper in Joshua Tree N.P. It was one of our favorite stays (Despite the tarantulas…).

That night we met my cousin Sallie out for dinner at The Ribs Co. It was so great catching up and seeing family!


Friday we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium in CA. I had been once before when I was younger and really wanted Christopher to see it, too! It was just as good as I remember and a fun date for the two of us.

That evening our Airbnb hosts invited us to go to the beach with them during low tide to explore the tide pools and we saw even more awesome aquatic life – nudibranch, squid, crabs, monkeyface pricklebacks, and starfish! I think I may have even enjoyed that little outing more than the aquarium!


Saturday was mostly spent driving from Monterey Bay, CA to Rio Rancho, NM where we camped for the night.




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